How to Configure Log’s for Public & Local IP’s in Mikrotik

Configure Log’s for Public & Local IP’s in Mikrotik :

Local Ip :

STEP 1 :   Go to system > logging click on info firewall by default info option will display,select
down arrow to block the fire wall. If you doesn’t block the firewall logs preview will be displayed in the memory.

STEP 2 :

STEP 3 : Click on plus tab select firewall in rule in topics & select remote in action.

STEP 4 :  Go to Actions edit remote select the type as remote & enter in the remote address as Radius server IP or log server IP. Remote port number should be 4950.

Step 5 Go to IP and select Firewall & click on Filter Rule’s.

STEP 6 :  Take one Plus Symbol Tab In General Chain should be Forward ,Src.Address should be & Protocol should be 6 (tcp). If you need UDP log select UDP , connection type and connection Sate should be New & Enable srcnat & dstnat in connection NAT State .

STEP 7 : Go to action and select action as a Log.

Public Ip :


STEP 1 :  Go to IP > Firewall > NAT  Click on Plus symbol select General enter  in Src. Address as Select Protocol as 6(tcp) & select connection Sate as NEW.

STEP 2 :  Go to Action and select log in action then Apply Ok.


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